Your presentation is everything. The way you look influences consumers. More than your products, more than your fast peppy service, your employees’ appearances are the critical game changers that drive your business forward.

No, it’s not fair, but business isn’t supposed to be. You’ve already spent hundreds of man hours and thousands of dollars investing in training workers to do their jobs, now don’t let that go to waste just because they don’t look good in the process. Corporate apparel is extremely important to any large firm, infant start-up or struggling small concern trying to do business in the real world.

People judge things by appearances. As much as they love their mom and pop stores or off brand venues, they’ll still keep coming back to the big names for regular purchases. This often has very little to do with the quality of goods and service they get. Many big chain stores are in fact notorious for awful services or rude workers, but you’ll notice they always look professional. This is largely due to their branded, regular corporate apparel.

Corporate clothing takes many forms. From t-shirts and aprons to hats, there are branded clothes for any business occasion and plenty of accessories for the events that come in between. Corporate clothes are not just for wearing at work anymore. One of the top uses of corporate fashion is actually to promote and advertise outside the workplace.

When an employee believes in their firm enough to wear the brand on their own time, it definitely says something good about the company. Even if they simply feel comfortable in the clothing and don’t think much more of it than that, business owners still benefit from the implied meaning. This concept carries over to semi-professional events, such as trade shows, very effectively.

The relaxed atmosphere most trade shows are known for doesn’t always lend well to full formal business attire. You want to stand out, and you want people to remember your brand after they leave. When you’re competing for attention with hundreds of other firms in a small space, face time is everything. Corporate apparel like polo shirts and hats help your employees present your firm professionally at every turn.

While it may seem overbearing to ask your employees to wear a t-shirt every now and then, remember that corporate clothing is one of the least intrusive forms of passive advertising in existence. If you’re polite about it, you’ll even get your employees asking for more corporate clothing, like sweatbands, jerseys, hoodies or other branded accessories. In the end, everyone wins, and giving out free clothing to workers is a great way to build camaraderie and good will.

Above all, corporate clothing helps you present a unified front. In a business arena where we often have our hands in way too many pots at once, it’s good to let consumers know you’re paying attention to the details. Whether you’re handing out t-shirts at a trade show or wearing them behind a sales desk, corporate apparel will always help you make the best impression as you promote your professional message.

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