Your investment in the latest information technology might not help your company compete unless you also acquire essential management tools. IT management software can help you make efficient use of all your business’ assets while improving the operation of your company. Learn about the following vital functions of IT management software can perform for your company.

IT MonitoringEvery organization, regardless of size, can benefit from tracking the performance of their IT assets as well as their utilization and activity. An IT monitoring platform will track the activities of your network and alert you to the occurrence of unauthorized activity, security events and data bottlenecks. Your software can also identify failing hardware so that you can quickly take remedial action.

Remote Support

When you have IT management software in place, you can drastically increase the capabilities of your IT staff. You can, for example, use remote monitoring and management (RMM) software to manage multiple business locations from a single office. Similarly, your IT administrators can work remotely from home to support multiple shifts without being physically present.

HR Efficiency

Get your newly hired employees working right away by using the automated onboarding feature of your IT software. Rather than sitting idle waiting for an IT technician to set up their workstation, new hires can trigger automated onboarding features that configure their user profile, email address and applications to become productive more quickly than you previously thought possible.

Automated Setup

IT management software can have automated setup functions that speed the addition of new workstations, servers and printers to your network. As a result, your IT staffers can spend more time supporting your labor force and less time performing repetitive setup tasks.

Automated Maintenance

Use your IT management software to perform routine maintenance on workstations and servers to keep them running well. You can have your software check for, download and apply updates for your computers and operating systems, eliminating the need for manual maintenance. Your software can also automatically update your antivirus and security software to keep your company safe from intruders and attackers.


When you have the right management software in place, you will have access to automated reporting features that help you manage the rest of your company. For example, you can get reports on user activity to track down employees who are using your network for personal use. You can also get utilization reports to find out when you need to add capacity to your network.

The above functions only begin to tell the story of how IT management software can transform your company from a bloated, slow-moving organization into a high-efficiency company. Start searching today to find the software that will fit well with your operation.

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