As a business owner, you must always work to ensure that your business is protected and safe. This is, perhaps, the most important aspect of the business to constantly look into. Considering the amount of investment that you have put into your business, putting a few extra bucks in a good surveillance system can’t be a bad idea. There are several commercial security systems that you can choose from and install at your place of business.

Below is a list of seven commercial surveillance systems that you can consider buying and installing at your business place.

  1. SafeMart

SafeMart ranks among the most respected surveillance security systems in the market. This surveillance company doesn’t only install its surveillance software and hardware in your business place, but also a vast selection of home monitoring services as well. This will allow you to connect as many devices to monitor and control the surveillance system as you want. SafeMart has been on the market since 2002 and currently only offers its services in Canada and the United States.

  1. ADT

ADT is also among the top-notch surveillance security systems in the market today and is used by many reputable companies. This surveillance service rate at $52 monthly fee. ADT has been in business for longer than most of the other surveillance businesses. It offers 24-hour monitoring services with motion detectors at your home, which will automatically receive triggered clips with installed cameras. New ADT technology can also capture pristine images even in dark environments.

  1. Frontpoint security

Frontpoint security offers unique wireless and cellular services which include 24-hour monitoring systems. The Frontpoint security company also offers its customers panic pendants and keychain remotes that they can use to analyze and monitor their systems on the go. It also has glass break sensors which monitor your glass windows and doors in case any break in occurs from these points.

  1. SmartHome

This is currently the highest-rated surveillance security system in the market. It offers various customizable systems that you can tweak to suit your needs for both your business and home. The cameras work 24 hours a day and offer very affordable rates of up to $39.99. The premium cameras rate for $3.33 per month while the door locks for $2.67 per month. This surveillance system comes with both the inside and outside and also a doorbell camera which is pretty cool if you are looking to beef up your security to another level. 

  1. SimpliSafe

SimpliSafe is known for its ability to utilize wireless technology to protect your home from burglars. The best part about this service is that it doesn’t have a minimum contract that you have to follow. Their hardware rates $15 per month and the technology for $230. You will get SMS and email alerts on any activity around and in your business and or home.

  1. CPI security systems

These security systems are available in the Smart Home Security Package and the Security package. It comes with an app that gives you access to control the system remotely. The company also offers glass break detectors, key remote, wireless light control, and motion detector among other services.

  1. Protection 1

Protector 1 is used by a lot of small businesses currently and offers its services both locally and nationally. Cisco has integrated The Protection 1 IT team, and with an engineering team that is second to none, their services are simply worth your money.

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