The bottom line of any utility enterprise has everything to do with their asset management practices. With an inconsistent, disorganized, and weak job lifecycle, companies are likely to limp along until they fail or become much harder to operate. As such, you need to determine whether you’ve set up your business for triumph or trepidation. As an age-old issue, asset management is a challenge faced by every utility enterprise. Many are turning to field service management software with the aim of improving the job lifecycle flow and equipping management with the necessary tools to succeed. If you are still undecided about the right direction, here are a few of the benefits offered.

Work order management
With a field service scheduling application, you can create and remotely send work orders to a field service technician based on relevant factors like level of expertise, urgency, proximity, and availability. Thanks to the enhanced functionality, you will meet your customer’s needs with greater quality and speed, saving both yourself and the client a significant amount of time and money.

Route planning
Remote workforce management relies on a high level of planning and coordination. By providing the ability to organize client requests by location, which reduces travel time, fuel expenses, and vehicle wear and tear, field service scheduling applications can take organization to an unprecedented level. Apart from creating time for additional requests, a tighter schedule allows you to focus more on last minute, high-priority requests. By using GPS technology, some applications can map out the best route based on time-of-day and traffic conditions. The Miracle Service website has more online resources available.

Customer data access
Ensuring your service technicians have access to critical information so that they can address a client’s request effectively is an important part of preventative maintenance and proper workforce management. Reducing the time required to complete a request positively impacts both the company and client. Field service management software provides the data required to complete the job such as contact information and histories. To ensure your service technicians have everything needed to close tickets in one visit, they will have access to details about specific equipment including model numbers.

Recapture unused time
Field service management applications can enhance visibility into the progress of every single work order. Although technicians usually want an 8-hour workday pay, the temptation to conduct non-billable tasks when an assignment is completed early or pad their timesheets might be irresistible to some. However, more transparency eliminates such temptations and reduces the instances of non-billable work, helping your company to achieve superior levels of productivity.

Identify trends
Field service management applications generally include reporting tools that assist in identifying workflow patterns. This type of functionality will make any trend in productivity versus schedule saturation apparent, allowing you to weed out the service technicians who are not meeting your company’s standard and prepare for busy episodes.

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