As a professional mover, you have had to do a lot of moving throughout your time in the occupation. And during that time, you find that some people hire movers Vancouver, to move some very weird things. But all in all, the issue here is that as long as the customer meets the moving cost of the item/s, and the moving company is able to successfully relocate the item, then the work has to be done.

So, let’s take a dive in and look at some of the weirdest things moving companies have ever had to move.

1. Trophy animals

You should expect things to start getting out of the ordinary when you are moving items of game hunters. It all comes down to what you, the mover, has to confront while moving the items. You will be coming in contact with stuffed bears, lion heads, buffaloes, to name but a few. It can be a rough day you if you are an animal lover.

2. Taxidermy cats

So, if the animal trophies didn’t shake you hard enough, then taxidermy should. Here, the hunters literally stuff the dead animals with some special materials to make them look like they were still alive. Now, imagine moving a dead stuffed bear or lion or deer.

3. Thirteen cats

Under normal circumstances, most house movers don’t move pets for many safety reasons of course. And the same goes for plants too. So, asking a professional moving company to relocate thirteen cats looks like a real stretch. But it can happen, and it did.

4. Ball python

Speaking of animals, another customer approached a moving company to relocate his ball python. Yes! Python, a very large snake. This was plain dangerous not to mention weird. But it happened as the owner assured the company that the animal was a calm one.

5. A single chair… from one room to the other

Yes, someone calls a moving company to have a single chair moved from one room in his home to another. Apparently, a Los Angeles celebrity wanted to have a seat moved from the dining room to the living room. Ironically, it wasn’t that heavy either. But the job was done.

6. Batman’s car – the Batmobile

The state of the art armored motor vehicle is a sight to die for, even for the guys who aren’t much of Batman fans. So, when a client called a moving company to move a fake car, the movers were shocked to find that it was a complete replica of the Batman’s car.

7. Love toys

Okay, so there are some items that many people would think are at best, of hands and safest when the owners handle and transport themselves. But some customers just have to be interesting enough to hire a moving crew to relocate some love toys. This must have been a fun moving experience for these guys.

8. Cremation urn for ashes

And then comes some things which are very valuable and sensitive than others. Like literally irreplaceable. Take, for example, cremation urn for ashes. Even the owners of these items hold them with absolute caution when moving them into their homes. So, imagine the degree of care needed to relocate them from one area to another. But it happens.

9. U.S. goodies

It can always be difficult relocating from one country to another. At times, you even find people carrying things from their countries to act as reminders of the place they are moving from. In such situations, you find people carrying weird things, both perishable and non-perishable and spending cash to ship them. Things that they can get in any grocery store or mall.

10. Red bull voting booth

Imagine going to a home to move items and find nothing but some strange looking item that you have never seen before. Like you are about to move something that you have no clue what it does, whether it is fragile or not, if it’s heavy, no clue at all. So, the guys had to relocate a red bull voting booth, which was, by far, pretty cool.

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