Thanks to its flexibility and availability, many people now prefer to solicit for personal loans from creditors. The other attractive feature about these installments is that many people are eligible, so long as you have a reputable repayment capability and a good credit score. You can get your next installment loan from Northcash. The creditors who offer online loans do not ask for any collateral from their clients or ask about the reason for providing the loan. This convenience allows many people to keep the reason for applying for the online loan a secret. Loans are supposed to be your financial knight in a shiny armor when one is faced with a financial emergency crisis.

The shocking trend is that many people are getting trapped in personal loans because they fail to take into consideration some crucial aspects of the installment loan, hence turning the loan into an expensive debt. Below are some of the mistakes that one should avoid when considering going for a personal loan.

  1. Lacking an apparent reason as to why you are getting the personal loan

Just because you qualify for credit does not mean that you should take the installment loan. It is vital for one to differentiate between essential needs and non-essential needs in life. Since cash loans come with high interest rates and additional charges, it’s highly recommended for one to apply for the loan only when they need the loan to meet a financial emergency.

  1. Failing to research on other installment loan options

You can use the quick loans for a variety of things. Since these loans come with high interest, it is advisable for one to do some severe window-shopping of the available personal loans before applying for one. Explore all the available loan options that you qualify for. Depending on your reason for applying for the loan, you can find an online loan available for that particular reason. Also, go for the loan that has the lowest interest.

  1. Borrowing beyond one’s repayment capacity

Many of us tend to fall into the temptation of borrowing more than our repayment capacity. The guiding rule when it comes to any loan is never borrow beyond 15% of your total income; this will prevent any strains on your budget. The 15% applies to the total amount of ones EMIs.

  1. Picking extended loan tenure because of low-interest rates

Even though we take into consideration low-interest rates, extended repayment periods can be tempting. However, the lower monthly EMIs that come with an extended loan repayment period increase the cost of the loan in the long run. Consider your monthly expenses and budget, and your repayment capacity when picking the loan repayment period. However, short tenure has an advantage of reducing the final cost of the loan.

  1. Ignoring to check one’s credit score

Many online loans do not take into consideration the credit score of the client; however, this doesn’t mean that the client should not check their credit score before applying for the loan. The importance of having a good credit score cannot be ignored. A good credit score will easy approval of installment loans, attract lower interest rates on credit and higher online amounts. Since the online loans are unsecured good credit score can be an additional advantage when presenting your loan to your creditor.


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