Sophisticated photo ID software systems can provide a wide range of features and applications that extend far beyond quick and easy identification. Conventional ID cards typically provide only the means to recognize and identify visitors or provide limited information such as the name of an employee or associate.

Software-based systems function by reading and logging ID card information electronically and may be incorporated into any of the following processes:


👮 ID Cards Resolve Many Potential Security Issues

Failing to effectively restrict access to key sites and working environments can lead to numerous security and safety concerns. Electronic photo ID software that is keyed to specific doorways, access points and even computer terminals can eliminate many of the most common and serious security concerns. Automated identification and access systems can be of particular value for organizations seeking to enhance their level of on-site security and those lacking the financial resources needed to hire and maintain a large security staff.


⏰ Photo ID Cards Provide Timekeeping Solutions

Purchasing, installing and maintaining time clocks and other specialty equipment in order to ensure employee time and attendance tracking is done without issue can become an expensive concern. Identification cards that automatically track and record employee activity and movement can be used to reduce instances of payroll inaccuracy while sparing businesses the added expense needed to implement a stand-alone tracking system. Timekeeping and identification systems able to track employee habits in greater detail can ensure that all attendance policies are being properly observed.


📅 Using Photo ID Software to Streamline Workflow

Having to log in and out of multiple terminals, workstations and applications throughout the day can impede worker productivity and efficiency. Password fatigue created by having to input the same information over and over again can blunt focus and increase work-related stress. Cards that can be used to “tap in” to a system or application with the same ease and convenience as a door scanner can help to streamline workflow and optimize employee productivity.


💻 Scaleable ID Cards and Flexible Photo ID Software

Investing in a more flexible system can provide organizations with a security and timekeeping resource that will be able to grow and change along with their business. Resources that fail to offer a wider range of features and those that are unable to be easily reconfigured can find businesses with no other choice but to make a costly replacement when they outgrow the abilities and limitations of an identification system. Scaleable systems offer superior flexibility and the means to address a number of current issues as well as any concerns that may develop in the days ahead.

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