Who said it was impossible to travel for business and for pleasure at the same time? As you plan your next business trip in Toronto, take a look at furnished apartments online, and search for interesting activities to do. Here are 9 ideas to make your next business trip more fun.

1. Rent a furnished apartment

Furnished apartments are more comfortable, more convenient, and often more affordable than hotel rooms. For your next business trip in Toronto, rent a beautiful furnished apartment in a fun neighbourhood.

2. Don’t travel alone

You probably won’t be stuck in a meeting room during your whole business trip, so why not travel with someone else? Bring along your lover, your family, or a few friends, so you can enjoy what the city has to offer together.

3. Explore the neighbourhood

Toronto has many diverse and exciting neighbourhoods, and your short term rental apartment is surely located next to amazing shops, restaurants, bars, concert venues, and touristic destinations. Make sure to explore the area.

4. Admire the CN Tower

The CN Tower is a popular destination. If you don’t feel like going up the tower, and if the EdgeWalk attraction is not for you, be sure to at least take a moment to admire the tower from a distance.

5. Visit the Rogers Centre

Even during important business trips, real sports fans are never too busy to watch a big game at the Rogers Centre. Whether you are a baseball fan or a football fan, you will have a great time.

6. Enjoy a great meal or two

In Toronto, you can find many opportunities for an unforgettable dining experience. From food trucks to fancy restaurants with an impressive view, you could discover your new favorite meal anywhere in the city.

7. Escape from the Casa Loma

If you enjoy escape games, you will find many of them in Toronto, including some located in the Casa Loma, which is a wonderful destination on its own. For more information, you may find the resources at Premiere Suites to be useful.

8. Plan your itinerary

There are many exciting things to see in Toronto, and you certainly won’t have enough time during your trip to see them all. You should decide what you want to see before you get there.

9. Don’t forget to relax

Fun business trips can be exhausting, so don’t forget to relax! Take a moment to enjoy the comfort of your short term rental apartment, go get a massage, or spend a few hours at the spa.

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