A staffing agency is a business that recruits employees and temporary workers for businesses that are looking to hire. The staffing agency matches the job candidates/applicants/general labourer with the right position or company/employer and vets them for the employer. They review the candidates and conduct interviews and present their choices to the employer. The employer/company makes the final decision and hires the candidate. A staffing agency acts as a middleman to the cumbersome hiring process.

Working with a staffing agency isn’t easy and there are 7 tips to follow to get the most out of interviewing with a staffing agency and their services:

1. Doing Your Research

It is important to research the staffing agencies. Know what industry they specialize in, the companies they work with, whether they offer temporary or long term work, and if they are a good fit for you.

2. Come Prepared To The Interview

Take important items like resumes and a list of references with you and be prepared to talk about your employment history in-depth and to be able to answer standard interview questions. Failing to come prepared in talking about your work history and skills can cause the interviewer to view you poorly. You may find more information at Global Human Resource Centre if you need additional resources.

3. Taking The Interview Seriously

Treat the interview as a real job interview as they are the ones that are handling most of the hiring process. It is important to dress nicely, be polite to the interviewers, and to be punctual.

4. Be Willing to Ask Questions

If you have questions to ask about the staffing agency, job, or company, don’t be shy to ask. Getting clarity is important for the general labourer or job candidates and can allow a greater understanding of the hiring process.

5. Honesty is Key

Be honest in what you are looking for in a position and about your skills and experience. Being honest allows recruiters to find the best position for you and maximize your chance of getting a job.

6. Use Services Offered By The Staffing Agency

Some staffing agencies offer services like resume help, interview prep, and skill testing, which can help you land a job.

7. Look At Your Options

Know what options are present. Look at the sort of positions available in a staffing agency as well as what other staffing agencies are offering. Consider temporary work even if you want a long term position.

Staffing agencies are an excellent option for job seekers. They are an excellent way for a worker to get their foot in the door and become permanent employees at a company. Interviewing with staffing agencies can add value to yourself and allow you access to a lot of services and help.

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