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Canadian immigration can be a liberating experience for some, and although there are numerous highlights to immigrating to Canada, there are some things you should consider asking your immigration lawyer Toronto about your Canadian citizenship.

6 Facts About The Immigration Process You Should Know

# 1 – Higher Cost Of Living

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This may come as no surprise to many – but Canada is quite an expensive place to live. For individuals entering from Non-Western nations, even western country, this is something to keep in mind.

#2 – The Canadian Immigration Process Is A Long Grueling Ordeal

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The Canadian immigration process is a long grueling ordeal for those who are looking to immigrate without a trade or skill. And even worse those who do have a profession or occupation still have to wait for up to six months before getting their permanent residence papers.

If you have a child that was born in Canada that will not speed up your process. However, if the child mother was Canadian, it may speed up the process.

Lastly getting married will also pose to be somewhat of a hassle. There are no special programs for people getting married. Meaning – couples will have to wait a grueling 26 months before the immigrant partner can get their permanent resident card.

# 3 – You May Find a Difficult Time Finding a Job

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Depending on the nationality of the person becoming an immigrant if English or French is not the first language it can prove to be an arduous task trying to get a good paying job.

# 4 – The Immigration Process May Make You Feel Lonely

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Settling into a different country, especially for refugees, can be both a liberating experience but it can also be an isolating experience. Even for the neighbors below (Americans), Canadians seem more culturally isolated then Americans.

# 5 – Expect Long Wait Times For Hospital

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Canada is home to Univeral Healthcare for everyone – and although there are many perks to having this offered to citizens, it can be somewhat of a shock to those who are used to a much quicker availability to see a doctor.

Getting prescription drugs is relatively easy, but if you are in need of an operation, it can prove to be incredibly grueling to have to wait MONTHS to be able to get an operation.

# 6 – Lack Of Affordable Housing

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Canada has seen an increase in the cost of housing. Most house fall just a bit shy under $500,000. For many, this amount is not a realistic financial option. However, for those who can muster up and save some money, this is salient to know for those looking to live in Canada.

A New Life

Canada offers newcomers a plethora of opportunities and although it can be a grueling and lengthy process – the amount of freedom and chances are more than worth it in the end. A new life in Canada will prove to be the life that you sought after.

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