For you to build loyalty, brand recognition, and interest, making good use of the mascot costumes will enable you to achieve that in the right way. The work of a mascot costume has several elements in possession. They include a clown, an actor, a mime, and an athlete. For you to be a costumed actor, you must be patiently practicing to become perfect in this art. You can also work to attain the necessary mascot costume skills that can achieve children as well as adult entertainment. Let us look at the top tips to follow to become a great mascot costume performer.

1.  No one in the Public Should see you Change

Let then not also see you whenever you want to change in or out of the custom mascots. You should never take off any element of the mascot costumes in front of the guests such as the gloves, head, and feet. You should also never do it in a visible area. This is an important fact to maintain consistency. In a real sense, avoid traumatizing the younger children so as not to ruin the illusion. Before you go to the public, ensure you find a private area to change or remove the head in case of anything.

2. Exaggerate all your Gestures or Movements

From waving and walking, ensure all your movements have an element of exaggeration. Any emotional element you want to bring, ensure it is larger and grand than the normal life. In the first place, your costume is also large. It has big feet, big head, and big hands. Therefore, ensure you are equipped with large gestures so as not to lose the sight of your audience. Ensure you wave with the larger part of the arms, embody all your emotions, and lift your feet higher from the ground to add a little pep.

3. Embody the Emotions you Intend to Portray

Whenever you wear the mascot customes, it can be difficult to communicate your feelings. This is because they have no facial expressions except those that are built in the mascot costume. This means that you must use exaggerated features as well as your entire body to portray emotions such as shyness, surprise, sadness, and happiness. If you are happy, try clapping, skipping, and nodding. If shy, bring your hands to your face. If sad, hang your head and hunch over your shoulders. While wearing the costumes, practice these emotions in front of the mirror.

4. Pace Yourself

It is a higher energy to perform with mascot costumes. Because your audience expects you to maintain your character, your work is to develop the energy needed to engage the audience for entertainment purposes. If you are not over the partway steam through performance. Your performing time will not yield the required results. For you to extend your energy, don’t start off at your peak energy because you will be exhausted. When you can, take rests to conserve energy. If you need to rest, make it part of the act. If you are exhausted, you can wipe your forehead and extend a chair to show the audience in a hidden manner.

5. Stay in Character

Ensure you maintain your character for the period you are in the act. This means that you will desist from removing any part of the mascot costumes in public. You must not talk or lose energy in between the act unless you are using a microphone. The illusion of character will be ruined by talking because you will reveal the breath behind the mascot costume. Your mascot guide or handler will provide excuses as to why you can’t talk. Check out the Hogtown Mascots Inc. website if you want to learn more.

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