Organizing an event is not an easy task given the amount of time and money that is put into it to make it successful. Event organizers have to be very sharp to ensure that their events are an experience to remember. Within an organization, there are the people that are tasked with coming up with the right people to organize a corporate event or the venue of the event. Below we will look at the 5 common mistakes that corporates make when choosing party rentals.

1. Choosing the right capacity of a venue

For a corporate event to be successful, there needs to be the right amount of space to hold the specified number of guests. If the venue is too small, then some of the guests may lack a place to sit and therefore end up staying outdoors which is not a very good picture. The space should also not be too big because the place may feel too spacious and may create the impression that invited guests did not attend. It is better to always know how many people are attending as well as potential walk-ins and find a venue that can accommodate them as well as have some extra space.

2. An expensive venue

It is always good to treat your guests with a fancy venue so that they can feel appreciated. However, the price of the party rental should not be over the roof because this may end up cutting the budget for other important things. For instance, an expensive venue may mean that rather than serving your guests with cocktails, you just serve them bottled water because the budget has been constrained by the cost of the venue.

3. Lack of sufficient branding spots

The purpose of any corporate event is to create awareness about the company brand. Some of the organizers may be too busy trying to pull off the best party while forgetting to showcase the identity of the company that is hosting the event. The venue should be filled with the company logo both physically as well as in digital signage. The more the logo is conspicuous the more brand awareness is achieved. The venue should have enough sockets to put up digital signage.

4. Limited parking space

Having ample parking space is a key aspect of every party because it will create a perception of the company even before people enter the venue. If guests arrive at the corporate event and struggle to get a parking spot, then it will lead to a negative attitude towards the company even before the event officially begins.

5. No Accommodation nearby

When scouting for party rentals, it is always a good idea to look for hotels that are adjacent to the venue. There should be hotels near to the venue so as to facilitate easier movement of the people from the event to their places of accommodation. If the accommodation is not a walking distance, then there should be shuttle services directly to the venue.

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