It may probably be safe to say that exceptional employees aren’t born all perfect like you see them in their workplaces. In fact, if you do your homework just right, you will realize that most, if not all, of the exceptional employees you have in your workstations rely heavily on simple EQ skills that anyone else can incorporate as well if they set their minds to it. These skills can be identified by a skilled recruiter when performing the behavioral assessments tests and the predictive index survey.

It is the work of a good leader to try and harness these exceptional skills from each of their employees and ensure that only the best employees handle the business matters. Below is a very informative list explaining 10 bright indicators that should give you a red flag that you have an excellent staff member on board.

  1. Willing to delay their gratification

Excellent staff members will never say things that would only limit them to their job descriptions. You will always find them working on anything assigned to them. Trying to push their boundaries when it comes to their job descriptions.

  1. Can tolerate conflict

As much as you will find that these types of employees don’t go around looking for conflict, they also don’t run from it either. An excellent staff is capable of maintaining his/her composure even faced with mounts of pressure at work.

  1. They focus

You will find that the exceptional staff members stay on task and never let themselves get distracted by either cranky customers or any interoffice squabbles. They can tell the difference between background noise and real problems.

  1. Judiciously courageous

These types of employees always have the courage to speak up and point out any issue even in situations where others are not. Believe it or not, sometimes finding someone who can question your ideas or methods can end up saving you a lot.

  1. In control of their egos

Of course, these types of guys have egos. Maybe even some of the biggest egos out there. But the best thing about them is that they can control and suppress them. They are always willing to admit when they are wrong in any matter and are always willing to try someone else’s tactics.

  1. Never satisfied

They always have this unparalleled conviction that things can always end up better than they already are and you will always find that they are right almost all of the time.

  1. Recognize broken things and fix them

Exceptional employees will never walk past problems whenever they notice any and are in a position to fix them. And if not, report these problems to the relevant authorities.

  1. They are accountable

These types of staff members will always own their decisions, work, results, and even mistakes. “If it was me then it was me, I’ve got to own it.”

  1. They are marketable

In other words, these types of staff members are likable and get along well with the other co-workers in the business most of the time and have leadership and integral skills that others workers can always respond to.

  1. Neutralize toxic people

They will always try their best to avoid any altercations with the toxic kind of employees who can bring up any issues in the business space. And whenever they have to confront these types of people, then you should expect them to do so rationally.

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